Here At Aristeon

Aristeon means excellence in greek, and we live up to our name by producing the best standard of olive oil available on the UK market . Our olive oil is rich in vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. These substances are beneficial for the health of the stomach, duodenal and cardiovascular system and also reduce "bad" cholesterol, whilst increasing "good" cholesterol. We produce a variety of olive oil such as extra virgin, organic and infused. The production process from tree to bottle takes place on the greek island of Zakynthos, where the excellent climate and soil quality make it a prime location for olive trees to thrive. When the olives are ready for harvest, they are taken to the mill Aristeon, where extraction begins using a method called cold pressed. Adding heat allows producers to extract more oil from the olives, but simultaneously destroys flavour and aroma. So by keeping the temperature below 27 degrees celsius, whilst pressing the olives, we ensure none of these delicate attributes are lost. Once pressed, the olive oil is bottled in opaque tin containers to avoid contact with light, preserving the quality and integrity of the oil. Food safety management systems according to ISO 22000: 2005 certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS are implemented throughout the whole process and all stages of our production are controlled by the inspection and certification organisation of organic products D.I.W.


 The Mill

The mill Aristeon is a traditional family business located in Lithakia, Zakynthos, Greece. It was originally founded in 1850 and at this time the olive press was powered by animals, such as donkeys. Part of the traditional stone press still survives to this day! The press later changed to metal and then eventually became hydraulically driven. Now technology has evolved, the creation of a modern Aristeon in 2008, has lead to new technology in eco-drive olive processing in the mill.