Olive Oils

1 Ltr Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  • Exquisite Texture, Taste and Aroma  
  • 0.8% Acidity
  • Zero UV Absorption  

 Our Greek extra virgin olive oil is produced from the milling of olives, from the Koroneiki tree, which are widespread across the Greek island of Zakynthos.

The excellent climate and soil quality on the island is the optimal environment to help the trees to thrive, which in turn gives our oil its distinctive taste and fruity aroma as well as a vibrant gold colour. All of our olive oil is cold-pressed, which means extraction is achieved solely by mechanical means and never at a temperature above 27 degrees Celcius. This ensures the healthiest olive oil is acquired from the fruit and that none of the delicate attributes such as flavour and aroma are lost in the extraction process. All of our olive oil range comes in opaque tin containers which eliminates the damaging effects of U.V. absorption thus protecting the quality and integrity of the oil.

Here at Aristeon, all of our olive oils are of the extra virgin standard and are certified by TUV HELLAS ensuring the absolute best quality of Greek olive oil available on the UK market.